Lessons from a Fantasy Princess: The Little Mermaid

I love this movie.

Flawed But Fixable


*Series premise explained and Snow White examined in the first part: Lessons from a Fantasy Princess: Snow White*

 The Plot

A self-hating fish-woman craves the excitement, material splendor, and external genitalia of the surface world. Upon discovering a ship full of humans, she spies on them, becomes obsessed with a prince, and trades her voice to Ursula the Sea Witch for three days worth of legs. To make the change permanent she needs to obtain the true kiss of love or her deed of ownership will be transferred from Prince Eric back unto Ursula.

Ursula manages to leverage this initial bargain to guilt the king into giving up his magic trident, dignity, and status as a vertebrate. General mayhem ensues, and then Prince Eric drives his manly harpoon into the Seahag’s rear. Ariel’s voice is snatched back, more mayhem, and Prince Eric takes control of the situation by ramming the…

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What I Wish I Had Known, Then


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Then, I was covered in darkness. I had allowed my hopes and dreams to fall from my fingertips, onto the cold floor, and to shatter. After a while, I had forgotten about them completely. I could no longer recognize the light, and began to fade away.

My floors were lined with empty bottles of cheap wine, and my dresser full of unnamed pills. There were times of blood; when the razor brought me glimpses of serenity. There were times of falling asleep in full tubs, times of waking up in strange places, and times of bawling on floors, surrounded by people that did not care.

Oh, back then, I wanted to be somebody new, anybody new. I wanted to be put together, I wanted to be exciting, I wanted to be a laid-back addict with the vibe of an artist. Oh, back then, I would have killed to be somebody…

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What To Expect In Life!

Being born into this world is easy at first. No worries or problems, all you do is cry and someone comes to make it all better. But as you grown older when tears roll down your face you get tolled to suck it up and that’s life. Not everything will go your way and people can be mean but you have to learn to deal with it. You will gain friends, lose em, have a crush, break up, get good grades, then struggle in school, get happy, and be let down many times, those are just some of the things that happen in life. But what if you don’t want to just deal, and show your tears only when your alone. What if you don’t want to pretend like you are happy when inside it hurts. Is there a way to take the pain just go straight away. You can worry about everything, doing good in school, relationships, making friends, getting along with my family, even worry about the future and how your life will turn out. Sometimes people wish there was a way to go back to the days when all you have to do is scream, let rain drops run down your face, and someone would come running to fix what was wrong. But as you grow up there is no longer anyone that will make the world right for you and it hurts. Sometimes people wish they could just take a break from life. Stop time so you can get a chance to just breathe, relax, and for one moment don’t think about anything. But if that was possible the world would never run because no one would push the play button. They’d rather stop and relax then push play and worry. Some times it’s hard and people can’t deal. We don’t understand why the world is so difficult and why some people act the way they do. Maybe our expectations of things are just too high and we should lower them. So that most things come as a surprise to us and then we’d never get let down because our expectationswere low to start with. People are born into a world where they will be let down picked back up and let down again. So why do we keep moving forward? Would things be easier if we just give up and stop trying to fix and make things better ourself?